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Educational Funding Requests

The Geological Society of Maine (GSM) is pleased to grant funding to support educational
programs through the Walter Anderson Fund. GSM will award grants of up to $1,000 to help
fund projects that align with the purposes for which the society was formed. Those include:
• Furthering the public awareness and understanding of the geology of the State of Maine,
and of the modern geologic processes which affect the Maine landscape and the human
• Developing and encouraging continuing social contact and dialogue among geologists
working in Maine;
• Advancing the professional improvement of its members; and
• Informing interested persons of current and planned geologic programs in Maine.
• Supporting geoscience education and research for students in Maine at all levels (K-12,
undergraduate and graduate students)

Details are available in this Educational Funding Requests.  A link to the document is also available on the Walter Anderson Fund page.