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Bulletins & Field Trip Guides

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GSM Bulletin: Maine Geology

Bulletin 1: Shorter contributions to the geology of Maine, 1979
Bulletin 2: Shorter contributions to the geology of Maine, 1982
Bulletin 3: Field trips of the Geological Society of Maine, 1978-1983, 1983
Bulletin 4: Selected papers on the hydrogeology of Maine, 1996

Short Course Abstracts – COMING SOON

The Geology of Maine, The Geological Society of Maine Short Course,
October 15, 2003. Moderator – Walter Anderson, former State Geologist

Other short courses…?

Field Trip Guides – COMING SOON

2017 Field Trip, Classic localities on the southern Maine coast, Henry Berry, using geology featured in Arthur Hussey’s 2015 book “A Guide to the Geology of Southwestern Maine.” Handout 1Handout 2Handout 3Handout 4, Field Trip Stop Highlights

2016 Field Trip Guide, Bedrock and surficial geology in the greater Belfast-Brooks area, south-central Maine, David P. West, Jr., Woodrow B. Thompson, Roger LeB. Hooke, Stephen Pollock

2009, Geology of the Camden Hills Area, with Contributions by Henry N. Berry IV, Woodrow B. Thompson, Douglas N. Reusch and Thomas K. Weddle, August 8-9, 2009.

2008, Field Trip Guide for Mt. Desert Island and Schoodic Peninsula , July 26-27, 2008 [link: 2008 FT Guide Mt Desert Island and Schoodic OCR] with contributions by Joseph Kelley (University of Maine), Robert Marvinney (Maine Geological Survey), Chris Koteas (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Thomas Weddle (Maine Geological Survey), and Steven Haynes (Maine Granite Industry Historical Society).











1997, Geologic Studies in the Sebago Lake Region, Maine [link: 1997 Geologic Studies in the Sebago Lake Region, Maine OCR]




1993, The Late Glacial Marine Invasion of the Lower Androscoggin River Valley and The Geology of the Rattlesnake Mountain Igneous Complex (Guide)