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Officers & Councilors

Geological Society of Maine Officers and Councilors

The following are our officers and councilors, with term end dates in parenthesis.

President: Sarah Hall, College of the Atlantic (2020),

Vice President: Kevin Spigel, Unity College (2020),

Treasurer: Bruce Hunter, Maine Department of Environmental Protection (retired) (2020),

Secretary: Lisa Jacob, Sevee & Maher Engineers Inc. (2020),

Newsletter Editor:  Amber Whittaker, Maine Geological Survey (2020),

Facebook Page Administrator: Amber Whittaker, Maine Geological Survey,

Website Administrator: Cassaundra Rose, Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future (2021)

Historian: Daniel Belknap, University of Maine (retired) (2020),

Councilor: Martin Yates, University of Maine (2020),

Councilor: Mike Deyling, CES Inc. (2020),

Councilor: Henry Berry, Maine Geological Survey (2021),

Officers are elected in November for 2-year terms. Councilors are elected in November for 3-year terms.