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Officers & Directors

Geological Society of Maine Officers and Directors

The following are our officers and directors, with term end dates in parenthesis.

President: Henry Berry, Maine Geological Survey (2018),

Vice President: Sarah Hall, College of the Atlantic (2018),

Treasurer: Bruce E. Hunter, Maine Department of Environmental Protection (2018),

Secretary: Lisa Jacob, Sevee & Maher Engineers Inc. (2018),

Newsletter Editor: Daniel Belknap, University of Maine,

Asst. Newsletter Editor, Amber H. Whittaker, Maine Geological Survey,

Facebook Page Administrator, Amber H. Whittaker, Maine Geological Survey,

Website Adminstrator, Martin Yates, University of Maine,

Director: Keith Taylor, St. Germain Collins (2017),

Director: Steve Kelley, Haley & Aldrich (2018),

Director: Martin Yates, University of Maine (2019),

Officers are elected in November for 2-year terms. Directors are elected in November for 3-year terms.