Again as in the past 10 years, Alison Jones and Fred Beck will be leading an 8-day rafting trip of about 188 miles through the Grand Canyon.   Many GSM members have made this trip in the past, some going twice.  The trip begins at Lee’s Ferry, Arizona, and ends at Whitmore Wash followed by a short helicopter ride to an airstrip at the Bar 10 Ranch on the North Rim.  The dates are August 6-13, 2018.  From there you will be flown to Las Vegas or Lee’s Ferry.

The emphasis of these trips is of course about the geology, from Precambrian through the Permian as well as an abundance of more recent events including volcanism, breccia pipe formation, spring deposited travertine, debris flows and much more.   At least two modest hiking trips are made each day into slot canyons or other side canyons and tributaries to visit waterfalls, fossils, archaeological sites and just to get out and stretch our limbs or swim in clear warm water.  Some choose not to do some of the side trips and just relax or read near the rafts while others go adventuring.

There are usually as many non-geologists on these trips as geologists and they get as much out of the trip as the geologists; a perfect geologic classroom.  We have often had teenagers on these trips and that has added to the fun.

The outfitter we use is Hatch River Expeditions, one of the most experienced companies licensed to operate in the Grand Canyon.  There will be two 34-foot inflatable boats powered by 30 HP outboards.  No paddling or rowing on this trip.  Each raft accommodates 16 people as well as all our gear, food, etc.   All meals are prepared by the Hatch guides and Hatch also provides all tents, cots, bedding, etc.

If you are interested in more details, contact Fred Beck at or Alison Jones at  We anticipate that we will have a full complement of travelers by the end of this September so an early commitment is advised.