Call for Member Participation: GSM Communications Committee

GSM is forming a communications committee to develop recommendations for policies and procedures related to more effective communication of GSM business and activities to members, other organizations, and the public at large. The recommendations will be presented to the Executive Council at the Spring Meeting (April 7, 2017). Possible issues to be addressed include, but are not limited to, more effective utilization of the GSM website, establishing an email account for the Society, developing ways to connect interested members with educators or non-profit organizations looking for a geologist to visit in the classroom or in the field, and discovering and broadcasting geology-related events throughout the state. The committee will outline to the Executive Council what and how things might be done, and will be tasked with implementation of many of these ideas in the future.
The committee is chaired by Amber Whittaker, the Facebook Page Administrator, and Marty Yates, the Website Administrator. We are looking for one or two technologically-savvy GSM members with experience in cloud-based membership management, digital content management, online networking, and/or database management to assist us in this effort.
If you are interested, please contact Amber at by March 15, 2017.