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Why Join?

The Geological Society of Maine (GSM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to geological issues and education in Maine. GSM’s members include teachers, students, working geologists, aspiring geologists, retired geologists and other interested persons. GSM has meetings every spring and fall, field trips around the state, and provides a space for members to meet and discuss geological information and related topics. Members receive a quarterly newsletter, can sign up for field trips, and receive geological news from the GSM network. 

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Member LevelAnnual DuesDescription
Regular$30Graduate geologists, or equivalent, with one year of practice in geology, or with an advanced degree.
Institutional$30Libraries, societies, agencies, businesses with interests in or practicing geology and related disciplines.
Associate$15Any person or organization desirous of association with the Society.
Student$5Persons currently enrolled as a college or university student.

The Society year runs from August 1 to July 31. Dues are payable on August 1. Make dues checks payable to: Geological Society of Maine and mail to Bruce Hunter, 44 Old Fairgrounds Road, Readfield, ME 04355.